The sun passes through Aries, March 21st through April 20th. 

Element :: Fire

Masculine :: as are all fire signs.

Ruling Planet :: Mars. The God of war. It represents energy, survival, desire. 

Power Colors :: Black white and red. Red is a great color to wear when aries is in need of a little drive, courage, or uplifting. Be careful though do not wear red everyday, it can agitate aries. 

Beauty :: Aries people are known for their baby faces. They tend to have higher hairlines,  and great thick eyebrows !  

Being the first sign of the zodiac, these people are natural born leaders. These trailblazing pioneers are truly unstoppable. They love competition and being the first in everything from work promotions to social gatherings. They can spot a new trend before anyone else and delight in being the first to wear it. An action  oriented sign, these people are daring, brave, and dynamic; with an endless amount of get up and go. Naturally blessed with organization skills, they are great at multitasking and following through. Their weakness is impatience, which can come across aggressive. The key to conquering Aries Achilles heel is to embrace everyones differences and learn how to work with them, and always staying humble. 

+ Positive Traits :: Courageous, encouraging, enthusiastic, optimistic, kind hearted, and honest.

Negative Traits :: Impatient, short tempered, reckless.


Real Life Aries

Joan Crawford :: // March 23, 1905                                                                      

*Thick eyebrows were not in vogue in the 20’s  but you can find later later photos where this girlfriends eyebrows are on fleek !



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