Since the dawn of mankind we have always looked to the stars for inspiration and guidance. Whether it is the north star guiding us home, or gazing at the night sky in total awe.

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Since I’m obsessed with astrology, and I plan on covering it quite a bit. I figured I should start with a little astrology 101, the basics.

Ancient civilizations charted the heavenly bodies and their cycles for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, and many more. They had such an understanding of the planets and stars, we are only now catching up to what they discovered; thanks to modern technology. These ancient people were not only masters of astronomy but also discovered something called astrology. They discovered correlations between the patterns and cycles in the sky, and the patterns and cycles of our lives.

We all know the moon has a gravitational pull on the planet. This pull actually causes the tide to rise and fall. Have you ever noticed the tide gets super low and high on new and full moons? It’s common knowledge that the full moon brings out all the crazies or “lunatics” (luna is latin for ‘moon’). Well just like the moon pulls on the ocean, it also pulls on our hormones! The planets play more of a role in our life here on earth than we give them credit.

The basis of astrology is that patterns and movement of the planets have an influence on our daily life. It is believed that placement of the planets at the time of your birth have a influence on your personality, prosperity, obstacles, and even your karma. It can be used as a tool to help guide us and prepare us for the lessons to come.

Why don’t we start off with the twelve planets in our solar system, and the roles they play in our horoscope/astrology. I’m sure we have all heard of our sun sign. This is where the sun was placed in the sky while you were born. This is the “sign” you’ll find in the back of magazines and see people wearing around the neck. However, there are eleven other planets that play a huge role in shaping who we are. So lets dive in!

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.T H E . T W E L V E . P L A N E T S.

  • x S U N  :: Basic personality. Our character, who we truly are on the inside, sense of purpose, and our destiny.

x M O O N :: Emotions + Intuition. How we process feelings, mood, and our emotional temperament.

x M E R C U R Y :: Mind + Communication.  Style in which we communicate, and how we process information.

x V E N U S :: Love + attraction. How we love, our seduction style, what we are attracted to, how we make ourselves attractive.

x M A R S :: Drive + energy. What drives us, how we assert ourselves, sex drive,  ambition, and vitality.

x J U P I T E R :: Luck + growth + wisdom. Where we tend to be optimistic, success, generosity, confidence, philosophical standards, and where we are likely to receive financial benefit.

x S A T U R N :: Discipline + challenges. Standards for structure, limitations set by society or karma, sense of duty, teaches us discipline.

x U R A N U S :: Evolution + originality. Waves of creativity, flashes of insight, what makes us different from one another.

x N E P T U N E :: Dreams + healing. On the bright side it can represent spiritual awareness, fantasy, and mysticism. On the dark side it can represents escapism, disillusion, and addiction.

x P L U T O :: Unconscious mind + Sexuality. Transformation of negativity, the physical sexual desire (verses the energetic desire that mars gives us), power, wealth, experience suffering for the purpose of healing, and taboos.

Hope you enjoyed!  Stay tuned for more, soon to come.

Go ahead and let me know if there is anything astrology you’d like me to talk about in the future!


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