Hey guys, my name is Alexandra Teacher,

I am a native Southern Californian who loves feeling good, looking good, pursuing adventure, and all things wellness. My Tiny Wisdom is a place I want readers to to find inspiration to live a healthier sparkly life. No topic is off limits here when it comes to health and beauty. You’ll find travel advice and Fashion inspiration here. There will be no shortage of fresh delicious plant based recipes. And when you finally cave and want to know what mercury retrograde actually means, you can find that here too!

I come from family of bohemian, open minded artists and healers. Some of my first memories as a little girl, are of my grandma meditating and my mom teaching to me about the energy of plants. So naturally I gravitate toward everything HOLISTIC, which led me to become a massage therapist. After applying what I was learning at school, I started noticing positive changes in myself. Like glowing skin, stronger hair, a calmer mind, and a natural boost in energy. My love of simple healthy living turned into a full blown passion. I cannot wait to share my passion with you! As I grow and my insights, and inspirations evolve I want to pass them onto you.

Cheers to glowing from the inside out !!! xoxo

Got a question for me? Just want to say hi? Shoot me an email & I will get back to you as soon as possible!