It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily routines. Let’s see if we can shake it up and add a little more sparkle. Here are five easy habits to help you glow from the inside out ! ! !


1 . S T A Y . H Y D R A T E D .

Drink more water. I know this one seems easy enough. More importantly I’m sure you have heard it a billion times, but we are gonna talk about it anyways. Lets be honest, how many of us actually get in our recommended daily 3 liters? Certainly not me, everyday. Here are a few of my tricks to getting in enough water daily. Drink 1 liter of lemon water (room temperature) in the morning. I find it really wakes me up and gets everything moving. I find it especially helpful if I had a few too many midnight snacks the night before. I also  bring a water bottle with me everywhere. Get a cute one so you will actually want to bring it with you. Last tip is drink water before you go to bed. You are giving your body the fluid and time to get rid of unwanted toxins.


2 . T R A D E . C O F E E . F O R . T E A .

Sorry, don’t hate me ! I know this may be the toughest one for some of you. But trust me it really will make such a difference. Coffee is pretty acidic and hard on the stomach. Over time it can reduce the natural amount of stomach acid available for proper digestion of nutrients. Since tea is essentially pure H2O with a magical boost of vitamins it not only helps out with tip number one ( staying hydrated), but also boost your vitamin intake for the day. Umm yes please. I recommend caffeine free teas since, it  is no bueno for the nervous system. However if you can’t survive the morning with out it, pick a green tea, since its loaded with antioxidants.  There are a bajillion amazing teas with packed individual  benefits. So do some research and find your favorite.


3 . G E T . M O V I N G .

I know that it can seem impossible to fit exercise into your busy day, but  promise there’s always time! Especially when you think about what we gain from it. Exercise aids in better sleep, mood and confidence boosters, increases bone and heart health, weight loss, and improves memory. So go for a quick walk/run, join that pilates/spin/yoga/kickboxing/whatever class you have been wanting to, even just stretching in the morning or evening. Whatever it is just  commit to it. Commit to it because of the infinite benefits. No more excuses. Get motivated to make it a priority, and start reaping the rewards.

P.S. baby steps


4 . E A T . M O R E . G R E E N S .
Spinach, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, green beans, any thing you can think of eat more of them. Greens make a Healthy heart and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. They provide Anti-Aging effects ( Yas please ), anti-inflammatory benefits, brain function support, and even provides sun protection! Protects DNA + nourishes our cells. Greens promote healthy digestion and balances our PH. They even burn Fat…..seriously look it up. Add greens into your smoothie, make a big salad, or steam some broccoli  for a snack. Get creative and sneak em’ in, so you can glow from the inside out


5 . S L O W . D O W N .

Turn your phone off….and I don’t mean while you’re in the shower. Allow yourself some time just for you, minus the distractions and notifications. It’s ok be unavailable sometimes. It can actually help reduce anxiety. I propose a seven day challenge/detox for yourself. Turn off the phone, computer, and tv, ( all of it ) for at least 5 minutes a day. If your really feeling zen, you could try meditating.  This is where the magic happens. Check in and see how you feel at the end of the week. You certainly won’t regret it.



Thanks for letting me share a few of my tips and tricks with you! Share some of your tricks with me down below in the comments.


X O X O,



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  1. Katie
    April 27, 2017 / 2:56 pm

    Love it! 😘

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