I absolutely loooove cooking with herbs. They add depth and dimension to any dish that may otherwise be blah. You can add a pinch to create a delicate effect, or you can toss em in by the handful (this is what I like to do when I make soup). Herbs not only make food delightfully tasty, they also have tons of amazing health benefits! You can reap these benefits from eating the herbs or even applying their essential oil.

Here are my top FIVE favorite herbs to cook with at the moment, and some of their health perks.


:: You can throw it in pretty much any dish you are cooking to add a sweet yet savory peppery flavor. My personal favorite is thai basil which has a hint of mint. I have really been enjoying including fresh herbs in my sandwich’s.

x Natural Adaptogen :: Helps the body adapt to natural stress on the body.

x Natural antibacterial + antimicrobial properties :: Basil oil can help fight antibiotic resistant illnesses and infections. Aids in protection against a range of bacteria, yeasts, molds, and viruses.

x Contains disease-fighting antioxidants :: Fights free radical damage, and protects DNA structure.

x Anti-Inflammatory.


:: Add to salads, soups, sandwich’s, salsa’s, you name it you can toss it in there to add a bright citrusy flavor.

x Natural Food Preservative.

x Promotes Normal Blood Sugar Levels.

x Lowers anxiety :: Cilantro can actually calm your nerves.

x Prevents food poisoning and UTI’s.

x Rids body of heavy metals :: Heavy metals have been linked to heart disease, hormone imbalances, and infertility.

x Great remedy for sunburns, hives, and poison ivy; when taken internally or applied topically. :: To apply topically blend cilantro with coconut oil in a blender.

Mmmm I love the smell of fresh mint!


::  You can throw some fresh mint in your glass of water. Mint tea is great anytime of the day. I also find peppermint essential oil very handy on the go. Great to add in asian dishes.

x Great for digestion :: Aids in upset stomach, promotes digestion after meals, and cleanses palate.

x Helps headaches :: Apply oil on temples, or smell fresh cut mint.

x Coughs + Congestion :: Clears up congestion of nose, throat, and lungs. Also aids in asthma.

x Fatigue :: Natural stimulant.

x Place a few drops of essential oil on pillow before bed time, to was feeling fresh and revitalized.

x Great for hangovers.

x Aids in weight loss :: Stimulates digestive enzymes.


:: Adds a earthy, piney, pungent flavor to dishes. Great in soups. Super handy essential oil.

x Hair growth :: Applying rosemary oil to the scalp a few hours before you wash your hair, can help increase hair growth. Also helps get rid of dandruff.

x Memory and concentration :: Greek scholars would place a sprig of rosemary on their head when taking exams.

x Menstrual cramps + joint pain :: Mix coconut oil with rosemary essential oil on the affected area can help soothe pain.

x Liver detoxifier :: Enhances bile flow (which aids in the metabolism of fat).

x Aids in balancing stress hormones.


:: Flavor is soft, sweet , and slightly biter. Makes a great addition to food.

x Protects agains free radicals.

x Gas + Bloating :: Carminative properties, aids in digestion.

x Great source of minerals :: Including copper, potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium.

x Diuretic :: Helps in removal of toxins, excess salts and water from the body.

x Aphrodisiac :: Increases libido due to arginine.

x Stimulates lactation in breast feeding mothers.

If you have a favorite herb of the moment, go check out the health benefits. You may be surprised and find your body is craving something in particular. Hope you found some inspiration to include fresh herbs in your meals. Let me know what some of your favorite herbs are, and how you like to use them !





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