T H E . F O U R . E L E M E N T S . O F . T H E . Z O D I A C




All twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements :: fire, earth, air, and water. Each one of these elements rules three astrological signs, and has specific traits. These four elements form the basis of life, and depend on each other to sustain balance in life.  Knowing what element influences others can help you better understand and communicate with them.

F I R E ::  I AM :: Masculine

// Aries / Leo / Sagittarius //

+ Fire people have endless energy. Adventurous enthusiasm for life. Extroverted. Visionary. Passionate. Courageous. Loyal to those they love. Fire People tend to have a great gut instinct and should learn to rely on. Warm what ever they are around with their large spirit. They have tremendous confidence that others love to be around.

–  Impatient, insensitive, bad temper.

E A R T H :: I WILL :: Feminine

// Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn //

+ Craves structure. Grounded. Makes the most of what they have. Practical approach to life. Determination to succeed. Strong instincts for natural laws. Has an immense appreciation for beauty and loves to surround themselves with it. Honest loyal friends, who will always keep it real. Appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

Can be Resistant to change, possessive, and materialistic.

A I R :: I KNOW :: Masculine

// Gemini / Libra / Aquarius //

+ Excellent communicators. Curious and always learning. Very friendly and social. Needs intellectual stimulation in all relationships. Thrives on passing on what they learn. Excellent decision makers. Values truth and realism. Rational. Excellent problem solvers. Freedom is ultra important to these air natives.

Can be unpredictable, restless, and emotionally detached.

W A T E R :: I FEEL :: Feminine

// Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces //

+  Can read people immediately upon meeting them. Highly intuitive. Imaginative and creative. Artists of the zodiac. Immense compassion and empathy for others. Nurturers. Slow to let people in, once they do they will be there for you through anything. Their sensitivity makes them highly romantic and sentimental.

Can be moody, irrational, secretive.


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