The sun passes through Taurus, April 20th through May 20th.

2nd sign of the Zodiac

Element :: Earth. Feminine

Ruling Planet :: Venus. Goddess of love and beauty. Planet represents pleasures, romance, and finance.

Power colors :: Earthy tones + shades of pink. Pink has a calming effect on taurus and those around them. Wearing pink can help them win the affection of others by showing them their softer side.

Beauty :: Blessed with big doe eyes, clear skin, and full lips. You can spot a taurus from their long elegant or strong petite necks.


The Essence :: Taurus natives have a real grounding sense about them, making others feel super comfortable and at ease. Always keeping it real, they are dependable and stabilizing friends. They cherish all things comfort, security, and stability. These are sensual babes, driven by their senses like no other zodiac sign. Advanced sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Lovers of chilled rose, enchanting melodies, fragrant atmospheres, and opulent apparel. They are most at ease in beautiful settings and luxury adornment. These material girls are not afraid to work hard for the finer things in life. Taurus’s life lesson is to balance the need of physical security with a spiritual value system. As well as embracing change and all it has to offer.

+ Positive Traits :: Romantic, devoted, practical, stable, generous, prosperous, sensual, and initiating.

Negative Traits :: Stubborn, overindulgent, possessive

Real Life Taurus 

Audrey Hepburn :: // May 4th, 1929


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